About us

MyAmaryllis offered by Hadeco bulb growers delivers
world famous amaryllis bulbs directly to your door, during
October of each year.

Hadeco has grown quality Amaryllis for more than 70 years. The bulbs offered are grown during southern hemisphere summers. Each winter the team of 1,500 people harvest and process the bulbs carefully, by hand. The growing cycle is 3 years long and every winter in South Africa, Hadeco prepare the 3 year old bulbs for delivery to customers worldwide.

Hadeco operates a very intensive breeding program. When a new variety is identified it is introduced to the in-house laboratory and multiplied. Hadeco protects the varieties with Plant Breeder’s Rights and after about 12 years, a variety is ready to be offered to enthusiasts worldwide.

We produce all of the bulbs on in- house farms in South Africa. The bulbs are grown naturally outdoors and receive natural rainfall and much sunlight. The meticulous growing practices are traditional and ensure healthy, clean bulbs with strong root systems. Hadeco takes pride in offering the highest quality bulbs through www.MyAmaryllis.com

You may order year-round and your order will reserve the bulbs in the field. During South African winters (May to August) teams of people prepare and ship the bulbs in sea freight containers. After arrival, the bulbs are delivered to your door during October each season.

Hadeco proudly supports 1,500 families in Africa. Hadeco operates ethically, with a focus on sustainability and are proud to be constantly striving toward a future with greener methods.

When you receive your bulbs, they are three years old, and with good feeding, should bring you flowers every spring season.

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